Professional Programmers Community
The Outsource Team
We are..

Working as an outsource team accepting any project from the third party studio.
Developing for any client separately.

Need a programmer? Hire Us!
We are familiar with..

PHP, Java, ActionScript, mySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, XHTML, HTML, WML, XML, RSS, JSON
We do..
  • CMS systems
  • E-shop systems
  • Auction systems
  • Hotel / Airline reservations
  • Browser games
  • Social community networks
  • Webmail systems
  • Photo gallery systems
  • Forums / Guestbooks / Blogs
  • Payment systems integration
  • Warehouse systems
  • Poker players/seats management
  • Online poker statistics
  • Online ticket reservations
  • Parsers / 3rd party API management
  • and many more..
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We are always looking for new staff. Even if We don't have any vacancies We still need new persons to join Us.

PHP programmer

Our requirements:

  • english speaking person
  • experience in PHP programming and mySQL database
  • understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • remote work
  • other knowledge is welcome
To apply You have to send Us an e-mail with the following:
  1. An example of Your PHP code. Some small class that solves any finished and defined task.
    /* This will show Us Your style of writing the code and Your creativity in choosing the task. */
  2. A screenshot of any administrative tool for any web project that You have created yourself.
    /* This will show Us if You are able to do this kind of work. We will also pay Our attention to usability of the backend tool that You classify as Your best. */
  3. mySQL database table(s) and a query(-ies) for selecting some data. The subject is: "cities of the world in 5 languages"
    /* This will show Us what do You understand by "cities of the world in 5 languages" and what is your query's task that You choose to be evaluated. */
  4. Small PHP code for the above task that outputs selected data in HTML
    /* This will show Us Your ability in solving of this simple task. */
  5. (Optional) Some text about You or Your portfolio and any of Your certificates
    /* Just to let Us know if You are not satisfied with the above tasks only and You want Us to know something else. */


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